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REVIEW: Athletic Greens

By Fiona Bugler • 26th January 2021

Athletic Greens comes at a premium price but you’ll see a return on your investment with a daily dose of 75 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

With 60,000-plus followers on Instagram, a quality podcast, and leading ambassadors from across the wellbeing world recommending the product, it’s easy to see how this brand gets away with its premium price tag. Athletic Greens® costs almost £80 a month; that’s as much as a good-quality gym membership but, put in perspective, it’s a lot less than some bad habits, for example, smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

I paid £95 in June 2020, for a one-off pouch with a free 30-day travel pack. It now costs £97 on UK site for a one-off, and £79 for a subscription. Do check out offers, for example, Athletic Greens’ sponsored podcasts share discount codes such as in the UK, Dr Rangan Chaterjee’s Live Better, Live More show).


Greens for good habits

A few days after it arrived, I received an email asking whether I’d noticed a difference: Did I have more energy? Were cravings reduced? Did I notice anything different about my gut health? The short answer was no, other than on the slightly negative side – my sensitive gut was a little unsettled.

However, nine months later and I can report ‘yes’, taking Athletic Greens for three months made me feel good, healthier and more energised. I think it’s linked to what James Clear calls habit-stacking, start with one good habit and the other healthier ones fall into place. When I start the day with Athletic Greens, I’ll also include Kombucha health shots, make a smoothie, plan my veg eating for the day, do yoga, meditate – and get outside to exercise.

Feeling good should be expected. When I take Athletic Greens I’m kick-starting my day with “75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients, carefully selected for high potency and bioavailability.” I’m also reassured to know it’s manufactured in a TGA-registered facility in New Zealand, with “strict analytical and microbiological testing, and the highest quality standards.”

Athletic Greens for time-poor people

It’s suitable for all diets and packed with nutrients. For time-poor, health-conscious people, its price may actually be reassuring as you can cut out any other supplements you might be taking. It also tastes surprisingly good (a green drink with a vague banana taste) and is palatable on an empty stomach.

I feel good; there’s something about spending money on my health that helps me focus on staying healthy (and as I mentioned earlier there’s a domino-effect for healthy habits)!

If you do sign up, why not try out the super nutrient-dense smoothie recipe below?

Rhodiola root dry extract (found in Athletic Greens) helps fight fatigue, and promotes mental sharpness and stamina.

First-class smoothie

  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Handful of spinach
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp hemp protein
  • A handful of frozen blueberries 
  • 1 huge tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 scoop of  Athletic Greens
    Top with 2 tbsp granola and a few raspberries


Fiona Bugler

Fiona is the creator of all things editorial, she’s a journalist with a life-long passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. For more than a decade she worked with business leaders and large groups as a personal trainer and running coach and this background informs the content she creates.

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