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By Fiona Bugler • 27th January 2021

The i-wellbeing team live life on the move and were happy to try out the IAMRUNBOX range of bags, and accessories for those who like to blend running and cycling into their hybrid work-life. Here’s the first review, the Backpack Pro 2.0.

We combine fitness, wellbeing, work and movement between the places we need to be. We like to max out on time we have available, combining a lockdown trip to the shops with running and in non-pandemic times we are regular run commuters.

IAMRUNBOX offer an ecosystem of great products for active people like us (and you) and for people who combine corporate clothing with sportswear and may need to make a Superman-like transition from interval session to meeting.

The IAMRUNBOX core product are their range of backpacks which will hold your suit, your laptop, phone and accessories – keeping your clothes wrinkle-free when you’re on the move.


The products designed by IAMRUNBOX have commuting in mind and as we experience and soon recover from the pandemic, our working lives have been and will be transformed. Commuting on foot could be the transport of choice as time goes on. And working in our ‘hybrid’ world, where office and home collide means the system of products to help keep us moving are going to be more in demand than ever before.

We tested the Backpack Pro 2.0

Like all IAMRUNBOX products the Backpack Pro 2.0 oozes style. Packaging is slick and the design has been clearly thought through in this lightweight, and ergonomic product.

The Fit

Anyone who’s run any distance with a backpack will know fit is key. Just like a good bike fit, a bag-fit makes the whole run commute experience good, or frankly frustrating. Adjustable straps on the Backpack Pro 2.0 create a perfectly anti-bounce experience, and comfort is enhanced with padded back panel and load-lifter straps.

 Just like a good bike fit, a bag-fit makes the whole run commute experience good, or frankly frustrating. Adjustable straps on the Backpack Pro 2.0 create a perfectly anti-bounce experience.


As well was designed to hold a 15″ laptop, the Backpack Pro 2.0 can hold five or six garments easily, so perfect for a suit, shirt, tie, and lightweight jacket. It’s designed with looking slick when you move from one role to another in mind and detail such as a linking to keep clothes in place make this happen and a handy clothes folder guide. Extras, such as a towel, or jacket, can be placed on the outside using the Space Bag and Molle Straps which are included.


The Backpack Pro 2.0 comes with a safety whistle and reflective strips – should you be feeling energetic and want to run off the beaten track after work.

the IAMRUNBOX ecosystem

IAMRUNBOX have the active commuter’s problems solved. The IAMRUNBOX ecosystem of handy products includes, Space Bag, Rain Cover, Water Bottle HolderQuick-dry Microfiber Towel.


Fiona Bugler

Fiona is the creator of all things editorial, she’s a journalist with a life-long passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. For more than a decade she worked with business leaders and large groups as a personal trainer and running coach and this background informs the content she creates.

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