Bespoke subscriber-only platform and online magazine, quarterly print magazine, the zone, and tailored wellbeing consultancy services. Build your package to suit your needs.

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What’s included?

We offer a B2B service in a consumer package. As well as your businesses bespoke
copy, in every magazine, both on and off-line, we inform and educate our readers in the guides to fitness,
nutrition, self and trends, and provide healthy recipes and news updates. In our
premium, longer form articles we dissect the research and speak to industry experts to
explore issues around the wider world of wellbeing, for people in the workplace, and
the wellbeing of our workspaces.


The Company Edit

This is your bespoke section giving you a magazine within a magazine – here’s what’s included in your bespoke package.

Company Edit

A regular wellbeing message from the leader of your company keeps your teams engaged and it will help you to shape, as well as stick to, your wellbeing strategy. At i-wellbeing, we make it easy for you. You brief us in an email or over the phone, and we craft your wellbeing update. We can send you examples of recent ‘ed’s letters’ to show you the type of work we can do for you

What’s on

Keep staff up to date with your wellbeing events, diary and news: from yoga classes at lunchtime, to mental health workshops and weekends away, your bespoke platform keeps your teams up to date on what’s happening in your company’s world of wellbeing. We don’t just write about what you’re doing we can also provide specialist advice and contacts to help you set up easy to maintain regular news and events.

Real-life staff stories

Experienced magazine and newspaper journalists collate your team’s stories, set up interviews and write up the articles which celebrate the wellbeing of your staff and share their good news.

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The i-wellbeing digital platform

When you subscribe to the i-wellbeing platform you will receive premium content from the zone magazine, written by national journalists. Watch this short video for a sneak preview behind the paywall.

You own your digital content on the bespoke sections, the Company Edit, Staff Stories and What’s on pages. Your staff can upload content to the CMS and our team of journalists will find the story, conduct interviews and present your polished stories to your team.

Why subscribe to i-wellbeing?

  • Foster a family feeling with your team and connect those working remotely.
  • Inspire staff to take positive action but also give them space to share their personal wellbeing challenges.
  • Give your wellbeing strategy a human face – talk to the people behind the story, find out “the why”.


  • Benefit from promotions, offers and competitions. Our team are part of a network of wellbeing, health and fitness brands and will bring the best offers to your staff.
  • 2021 rollouts: workout video, webinars and surveys.


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Coming in 2021

  • Interactive tools including regular webinars.
  • Exclusive offers and competitions on products recommended by the zone and
    partners of i-wellbeing.
  • Staff feedback and tools via anonymous surveys linked to articles and content
  • Reader feedback on issues such as sleep, stress and fitness.
  • Event training: online running schedules and training advice for groups.
  • Off-line triathlon training breaks.
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