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REVIEW: Mushroom coffee

By Fiona Bugler • 29th January 2021

Mushroom coffee? Sounds odd, right? Recommended by top ‘life lesson’ podcast hosts and authors Rich Roll and Tim Ferriss, I decided I had to try and test Four Sigmatic® mushroom coffee.

At i-wellbeing we want to get the best out of time here on earth! We use stand-up desks to protect our posture, we kick-start the very early mornings with 75-vitamins from Athletic Greens. Four Sigmatic® is another one of these great health hacks helping you feel tuned-in and more productive at work.

Four Sigmatic® was not an overnight success. It’s a well-established product with a solid back-story from its Finnish founder who has a background in mushrooms.

In marketing terms, attention has focused on Instagram and more than a quarter of a million people are signed up for daily updates about mushroom coffee.

Lion’s Mane

This intriguing drink, which includes focus-building Lion’s Mane and immune-supporting Chaga mushrooms, promises to help you ‘think’. It’s a favourite of bio-hackers and those into ‘nootropics’ (healthy, mind-bending drugs and supplements). 

The Buzz

Chris Evans began talking about it on Virgin Radio and described the taste as rich and chocolatey. On-air, he said he was buzzing after drinking it.

Tried and tested

I first opted for the instant coffee sachets, which tasted just like instant coffee, but as I’m not a fan, I switched to the ground coffee, a taste I’ve become more accustomed to in recent years, and prefer. For both, I used frothy oat milk, which taste-wise seemed to work better than cow’s milk.

Did focus and brain power improve?

Yes. After one cup around 11 am, I was able to focus on concentrated work for hours.

Cost – was it worth it?

I paid £22.95 for the ground coffee from online retailer, Ocean’s Alive, and feel it was a good health investment. It’s also made me re-think my caffeine habits – quality not quantity.

Where to next?

Check out regular offers or set up a 30- or 60-day subscription by going direct to the website.

Fiona Bugler

Fiona is the creator of all things editorial, she’s a journalist with a life-long passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. For more than a decade she worked with business leaders and large groups as a personal trainer and running coach and this background informs the content she creates.

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