Conversations about wellbeing in the workplace & beyond: the i-wellbeing podcast explores the world of wellbeing in the workplace talking to innovative business leaders and thought leaders about mental, physical and emotional health – and about what it means to be human. We discuss optimising our workspaces and the environment we live in – and we work out how proactive, positive businesses can change lives for the better.

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The i-wellbeing podcast is shared with a targeted group of business professionals and with the broader wellbeing network. Launched during the pandemic we kick-started the conversation about mental health, and how our new normal was shaping up as well discussing what the future of our workspace will look like. On this open platform, we are able to address broader subjects from the world of wellbeing, from yoga to the future of the office. We always want to talk to thought leaders and innovative business people about how best we can implement wellbeing strategies in the workplace. We’re interested in the wellbeing our buildings, the environment, global sustainability and of course most important of all, people at work. Guests in series one have included a leading global HR from an innovative company in the workspace place, mental health ambassador, Paul Heywood, and endurance athletes, including former corporate lawyer Alex Flynn.

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