Clap for the NHS

By Matt Cox • 9th April 2020

A round-up of just some of the amazing fundraisers continuing to support the NHS through COVID-19.

Today is the day we clap for the NHS. Health is a priority now and those people who work to help us get well need support. Put politics aside and do what you can now. Giving is good.

Scottish javelin record holder James Campbell says completing a marathon in his back garden to raise money for the NHS was the “best feeling”. The former Commonwealth Games athlete raised over £26,000 by running 26.2 miles in the six-metre-long area.

Joe Cole (ex England footballer) and his wife have set up a charity to help amid the Coronavirus outbreak. They’re raised over £300k and are providing childcare for NHS workers, sending food directly to NHS staff – as well buying 50 printers to print medical visors for frontline medical staff.

Uniform Bags for NHS & Carers A group has been set up to find volunteers create bags for NHS workers. Knowing that nurses, doctors, care workers may be wearing their uniforms for over 12 hours around Covid-19 positive patients, this handmade bag means they can pop their uniform into the bag and take home straight into the washing machine.

Adam Peaty and other swim stars set up a 100km Virtual Ride for the NHS on Zwift on Weds 8th April.

Joe Wicks has donated all the revenue generated by advertising on his at home PE lessons to the NHS. The first week was estimated to have generated £80,000.

Text clap to 70507 and donate £5 to NHS. Read more here.

And it’s not just the NHS…

The Daily Telegraph reported earlier in the week, “Barnado’s has overnight lost £8 million – a third of its monthly income from fundraising, while the charity sector is expected to lose £4.3 billion in a 12-week lockdown.” As charities have lost funds from big events such as the London Marathon (to date this event alone has raised a billion for charities), they need us all to step up…

Could you run a marathon in your garden and raise money for the charity you were supporting for the event you were supposed to running in Spring? Tell us how you plan to raise money for charity?


Matt Cox

Matt has been involved with i-wellbeing from the start as a guest writer and social media manager/contributor. As well as being an accomplished podium-placed triathlete/runner/swim-run athlete, Matt has helped sister company, Intrinsic, formulate its sustainability and wellbeing strategy.

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