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Atomic Habits: book review

Atomic Habits by James Clear is a well-constructed and practical book and reminds us that small steps lead to big changes….

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Wellbeing thoughts: human needs

Human needs are something many are enquiring about as we’ve stripped back our lives during lockdown. We are left asking…

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Uncertainty is the one thing we can be certain about

When uncertainty defines the mood and the times we are in, it’s important to keep your bigger vision in mind…

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Sleep is your vital asset

Wellbeing, sleep and self-care are not signs of weakness. A good night’s shut-eye is a key factor in a successful…

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Mental health: 7 savers to see you through COVID-19

Written during lockdown, these seven simple solutions to mental health to see you through COVID-19 stand the test of time….

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Minimalism: less is more

Less is more is not a new thing, but in a time of pandemic it feels it’s right to embrace…

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The virus: 3 life lessons learned

Three life lessons learnt from living through and living with (day 18) the COVID-19 virus. Virus lesson 1: mindfulness As…

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