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5 things you didn’t know about yoga and meditation

Think you understand yoga and meditation? Scott Robinson, AKA, the Yogibanker reveals five things you may not know about the…

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The i-wellbeing team live life on the move and were happy to try out the IAMRUNBOX range of bags, and…

Move running

Running: what if everybody ran?

The recent COVID-19 running boom could help many people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Just put one foot in front…

Move running

Speed for runners

Started running in lockdown and found you’ve got the running bug? Now’s the time to add in some speed to…

COVID-19 Move

Exercise: 3 reasons to keep doing it

If you started to do exercise in lockdown, here are three good ‘whys’ for sticking at it. n the UK…


5 ways to stay fit

Started getting fit in lockdown and want to stay fit? Here are five tips in how to keep at it…


Team GB’s Laura Gallagher home workouts

Follow this easy to do at home workout from World Class trampolinist,┬áTeam GB’s Laura Gallagher. CLICK HERE Due to the…

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A core element of the bespoke section is storytelling; stories convey the culture, history and values that unite society and as a leader of a business storytelling is one of the most powerful means available to teach and inspire. Through real-life stories about health, fitness, and mental wellbeing, we unite your staff and drive deeper connections, helping your company shape its wellbeing narrative. The bespoke space is also where you share your wellbeing initiatives and news of events or innovations and interact with teams via webinars and surveys.

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