The why behind giving

There’s an art to giving. Being a ‘do-gooder’ is a great thing but only when it’s done for the giving…


Rejoin the community of life

COVID-19 seems to have been like a global consciousness wake-up call. Thoughts on what’s happening and what the commentators are…


Adaptable humans

A lesson from COVID-19 is that we humans know how to adapt. An article published in Smithsonian magazine explains: ‘adaptability might…

COVID-19 Mental Health Self

7 Mental health savers

Written during lockdown, these simple solutions to mental health to see you through COVID-19 stand the test of time. 1….

COVID-19 Self

It’s time to embrace minimalism

Less is more is not a new thing, but in a time of pandemic it feels it’s right to embrace…


Clap for the NHS

A round up of just some of the amazing fundraisers continuing to support the NHS through COVID-19 Today is the…


A history of pandemics

Matthew Cox takes a look at Covid-19 in the context of previous pandemics. One of the biggest surprises of this…

COVID-19 Lessons From Lockdown Self

Learning from the virus

Fiona Bugler reflects on three lessons she’s learning from living through COVID-19. Running anchors me. It sets my body barometer…

COVID-19 Lessons From Lockdown

Let’s make this new normal permanent

Chris Evans is on the radio talking about something you may have noticed, too. More people running. He’s said that…

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