COVID-19 Mental Health People at Work

Workplace wellbeing made simple

Workplace wellbeing isn’t a box to tick, it’s about putting people first, it’s about re-defining our bottom line. Here in…

COVID-19 Mental Health

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety is on the increase, over four in five adults in Great Britain (84.2 per cent) said they were very…


The why behind giving

There’s an art to giving. Being a ‘do-gooder’ is a great thing but only when it’s done for the giving,…

COVID-19 World of Wellbeing

Community of life: time to reconnect

Community and the global consciousness has been given a wake-up call by COVID-19. Here are some thoughts on what’s happening…


Adaptablity in a pandemic

Adaptability, our ability to pivot, to change, to mould ourselves to fit best in the world we’re in is helping…

COVID-19 Mental Health Self

Mental health: 7 savers to see you through COVID-19

Written during lockdown, these seven simple solutions to mental health to see you through COVID-19 stand the test of time….

COVID-19 Self

Minimalism: less is more

Less is more is not a new thing, but in a time of pandemic it feels it’s right to embrace…


Clap for the NHS

A round-up of just some of the amazing fundraisers continuing to support the NHS through COVID-19. Today is the day…


Pandemic: a potted history

Pandemic has been part of the human experience since time began. Matthew Cox takes a look at Covid-19 in the…

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