i-wellbeing, a publisher and content consultancy, delivers a bespoke multi-channel magazine that helps businesses shape their wellbeing narrative, gives teams a voice and ensures that your company is proactive about putting people first.


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There will be a shift in how offices look at the purpose they serve, and their survival into the future will depend on the successful integration of wellbeing in the workplace. Healthy is the New Wealthy, White Paper, July 2020.

The why?

We’ve created a compelling content mix that demonstrates to your staff that wellbeing is non-negotiable. When you write down your wellbeing strategy and share staff stories, you set the wheels in motion putting plans into action making your business and your teams accountable.

Our content lives in your digital landscape providing wellbeing news and stories in your hands and an interactive ongoing conversation between team members.

The print magazine brings the tactile joy of the print experience to working life. It can be gifted to staff working from home, or distributed in-house, and provides a relaxing, mindful experience and a positive antidote to screen-fatigue.



Subscriber-only premium content, bespoke business content, surveys, webinars and training being rolled out in 2021. Plus exclusive subscriber-only offers, promotions and discounts.

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Print Magazine

Quarterly premium print magazine, the zone, with bespoke pages for your business.

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Other Services

Wellbeing network

We can connect you with the right people to deliver wellbeing from yoga and mindfulness to running classes.

Content consultancy

Our team of copywriters and journalists can create white label content bundles, white papers and specialist material as well as shape a content strategy for wellbeing.

The Team

Fiona Bugler
Chris Roberts
Kelly Flood
Matt Cox